Top 10 Nobsound NS-21G – Hifi-Verstärker

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1. Nobsound

Nobsound NS-21G Mini 2.1 Kanal Bluetooth 5.0 Leistungsverstärker HiFi Stereo Endstufe Bass Klasse D Verstärker U-Disk AUX mit Fernbedienung für Heimlautsprecher 50 Watt × 2 +100W Black

Nobsound - 2. 1 channel provides strong bass effects just like in the cinema. Mini size and exquisite appearance, exquisite design of gold-plated output terminals and LED indicator. Eq function are not available in AUX input mode, and frequency adjustment range is 30Hz-500Hz.

With 5 kinds of audio input: bluetooth 5. 0 / aux / tf card / u-disk / fm radio, perfectly compatible with almost all audio devices such as mobile phone, notebook, PC, PSP, CD and so on. High-end material and hifi sound: dedicated bluetooth chip and special inductance for digital power amplifier, sounds clean and delicate. If you need use fm radio function, and we cannot 100% guarantee it will work normally in your country; 2. Super easy to switch and control: with button and knob, more convenient to adjust settings, you can choose different sound effects like popular, especially with customized EQ adjustment, rock, remote control and app control, etc.

Default 19v power supply, please prepare an all-direction high gain antenna, if you want 24V please search ASIN: B07D2T1126; 3. Notice:1. 2pcs tpa3116 chip, max output power can up to 50W*2 +100W easily to drive most home speakers and subwoofers. Very suitable for desktop and home audio system use, bringing great visual and auditory experience.

2. Nobsound

Nobsound Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Digital Power Amplifier HiFi Stereo Verstärker 2.0 Kanal 50W×2 Endstufe Wireless Audio Receiver mit Netzteil schwarz

Nobsound - Dies ist der neue leistungsverstärker von nobsound im jahr 2019. Now we highly recommend our lastest tube preamp asIN: B07TMZ8G7H, erhöhen wir seine Leistungsfähigkeit und verbessern seine Funktionalität, which suits very well for this amp. Basierend auf unserem bisherigen Produkt, während immer noch seine Mini-Größe und elegantes Design.

3. Nobsound

Nobsound G2 PRO 300W Mini HiFi Subwoofer/Full-Frequency Mono Leistungsverstärker Power Amplifier

Nobsound - Max 300w output power: using tpa3255d2 amp chip and equipped with 32v/5A large power supply, enough to drive 320W passive speakers or subwoofers. It also has built-in speaker protection circuit, low-pass filter to guarantee no audible noise even at high power output, SUB signal and amp can output at the same time to bring HiFi listening experience.

Mini size with exquisite appearance: mono integrated class D amplifier, simple compact design but with powerful function, more fashionable and durable solid aluminum chassis, very suitable for HiFi home and desktop audio system use. G2 pro can connect to both passive and active subwoofers. And two g2 pro can be used to drive left and right channel independently to avoid mutual interference.

It also has a good match with outdoor/ bookshelf/ computer/ desktop /ceiling /floor standing speakers. Packing list: 1* g2 pro mono power amplifier, 1* 32V/5A Power Supply. With pbtl/sub switch: convenient to use g2 pro as full frequency amp or subwoofer amp, a SUB output is specially designed for active subwoofer. Best design and hifi sound: with a gain switch to allow 2-level of output level setting 32/36 dB and SUB frequency adjustment 40-300Hz.

4. Nobsound

Full Frequency Mono Channel Power Amplifier, Home Sub Bass Power Amplifier, PBTL/BTL Bridge Amp, Nobsound G2 Subwoofer-Verstärker, Gain Control, 100 watt Subwoofer Amp & Mono Amp Switchable

Nobsound - For any questions you have, please feel free to contact us. It has a mode switcher which can change between SUB and PBLT modes conveniently. Besides, it also has a bass cutoff frequency control knob. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Compared with normal 2. 0ch amps, it can ensure totally no interference between two channels and can provide higher power. You can use two g2 to drive left and right channel separately, which are known as PBLT / BTL Bridge amp. Its optimized circuit can ensure totally no background noise. Applications: ① g2 can be used as a subwoofer power amplifier for passive subwoofers; ② g2 can be used as a mono amp to drive single channel. It has a gain setting which allows 4-level of output level setting 20/26/32/36 dB.

It can keep the purity of the sound and avoid the resistor influence. 12-month warranty. Besides, it also built-in speaker protection circuit and low pass bass filter. G2 can be used as a sub amp or a mono channel amp. It adopts ti tpa3116 and ne5532 op-amp, which can offer 100w high power @4ohm and can drive most home sub and mono speakers. Prompt and courteous customer service.

5. Nobsound

Nobsound NS-10P Mini Vorverstärker Valve Tube Preamp Audio Hi-Fi Stereo Röhrenvorverstärker mit Höhen Bass Regler

Nobsound - Der kleinste röhrenvorverstärker der welt; mini-größe und exquisite Erscheinung mit klassischer Black & Gold Farbkombination; CNC-Aluminiumgehäuse und Frontplatte; Schönes blaues Röhrenlicht; Mildes und solides Touch-Feeling. Starke funktionalität und spielbarkeit; mit unabhängiger höhen-, bass- und lautstärkeregelung; Das Vakuumrohr kann durch 6Ö1P / B / 6AK5 / 6BC5 / 5654 / 403A / F95 / EF40 / CV850 ersetzt werden.

Exzellente klangleistung weit mehr als das, was sie bezahlt haben; Kein Hintergrundgeräusch; Hinzufügen von Röhrenklang und Eliminieren des digitalen Stils für Ihr Soundsystem; Bereitstellung einer warmen und weichen Tonausgabe; Verbesserung. Bitte beachten sie, dass dies ein vorverstärker ist, der mit Verstärkern oder aktiven Lautsprechern verbunden werden muss. Reiner röhrenvorverstärker nur 1, 5 ~ 2fache spannungsverstärkung; Seine Vakuumröhre 6J1 verwendet klassische Triodenverstärkerschaltung Hochspannungsversorgung; Klasse A mit gutem Klanggefühl; Geeignet für fast alle Verstärkerschaltungen.

Dieses neue Produkt wird Sie wieder zufriedenstellen. Der neueste röhrenvorverstärker von nobsound mit verbesserter funktion und design. Es ist kein phono-vorverstärker und kann nicht für Plattenspieler verwendet werden. Hunderte von rezensionen und tausende von Kunden zeugen von der hervorragenden Klangleistung und Qualität unseres NS-08E.
Gewicht0.3 kg (0.66 Pfund)

6. Nobsound

Neu Aktualisiert Nobsound 100W + 100W Mini Bluetooth Digital Verstärker HiFi-Stereo-Audio-2-Kanal-Endstufe mit Bass- und Höhenregler für Heimlautsprecher

Nobsound - Unique design in appearance and technology: aux / bluetooth switch with red / blue indicator; pure integrated aluminum case and knob with multiprocess fine treatment, CNC precision cutting ; curved smooth edges highlights its unibody design; metal DC outlet, no electric sparks flying.

Latest version, released in 2021, overall upgrading in both appearance and sound quality. Mini size and easy use but powerful and practical: with perfect protection circuit, perfectly suitable for desktop or a smaller space in home or office, easy to connect to your audio system, especially designed for the audiophiles who pursue HiFi sound. Tone off design and hifi clear sound: more delicate and smooth sound can be enjoyed by adjusting treble / bass knob, presenting music with rousing highs and deep lows, also with bypass function to enjoy original sound.

2pcs tpa3116 chip, with Bluetooth 5. 0 input supports up to 50ft connection range, max output power can reach 200W, comes with 19V power supply, can drive 200W 8Ω or 300W4Ω speakers. Strong compatibility and large output power: besides rca, stable and low delay.

7. Nobsound

Nobsound HiFi Mini Valve Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo amp Audio Kopfhörerverstärker

Nobsound - Sound is warmer and softer with more brilliant treble, more powerful bass and quieter background. You can clearly feel a big difference when you use it. It will provide deep sound field if you pair it with your preamp, iPod, smart phone, stereo system ect.

Now, ns-08e upgrades for the first time in the past three years. Nobsound features a low price coupled with high performance in a small, simple package delivering high fidelity, specially designed to provide the audiophile with the performance they deserve. New version uses upgraded 6J3 tubes. With cool appearance, computer, ns-08e can also bring amazing HiFi sound. This unit can easily power high-performance headphones including the hd580, k701, q701, t90, t70, dt880, sr225, K702, SR325, HD600, HD650, RS1e and many more.

Ns-08e is very popular and sales well all aound the world, it has received much positive evaluation which can be searched on GoogleLINK, YoutubeLINK and Sound & Vision MagazineLINK. For the best match preamplifier, please search Asin:B0779S3ZVW on Amazon. 24~600Ω headphones would be recommended while armature earphones are not suitable.
Höhe3.2 cm (1.26 Zoll)
Länge11.1 cm (4.37 Zoll)
Gewicht0.18 kg (0.41 Pfund)
Breite6.9 cm (2.72 Zoll)

8. Nobsound

Audio Switcher Box Splitter Tragbarer 3 Wege Audio Umschalter für Kopfhörer/Lautsprecher für Mikrofone

Nobsound - Passive circuit design, and equipped with 3PCS TRRS cable and 1PC TRS cable. Adopting full isolation circuit, amplifiers or speakers, no need for power or any installatin, plug and play. With channel selection knob and volume control, very convenient to use. Mc1034 can only connect one microphone when working in 2-IN-3-OUT, because the separate TRS interface doesn't support micophone input.

Mc1034 audio selector box supports to switch headphone / unmute microphone but keep the headphone / speaker among several devices, and a special knob that mute / microphone / speaker output normally, no need to plug in and out audio cables repeatedly. Mc1034 also can be used as a pure audio switcher, specially designed for customers who have several audio sources and outputs, can work in 3-IN-2-OUT / 2-IN-3-OUT mode, very suitable for debugging equipment and comparing audio sourct or making contrast between power amplifiers and active speakers.

Full function interfaces of separate trrs and trs are designed to satisfy different kinds of headphones or headsets, each channel is fully independent to avoid common ground noise. Proper size with attractive appearance, can be placed anywhere on your desktop to make it tidier, very suitable for the bloggers who have more than 2 blog accounts or the game players who need to switch between computers and PS4 or the audiophiles who have lots of HiFi audio deivces etc. Warm tips: the volume control only can work normally in 3-in-2-out mode.

9. Nobsound

Nobsound NS-10G Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Digitaler Stereo Verstärker 100W HiFi Power Amp mit Netzteil Schwarzes

Nobsound - Ausgangsleistung rms: 50w x 2 an lautsprecher. Nicht anzurufen. Kompatibel mit allen ihren lieblings-bluetooth-Geräten wie Smartphone, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, A2DP-Profil unterstützen, etc.

Hinweis: verwenden sie nicht zu hohe Festigkeit, um die Tasten zu drücken. Widerstand: 4ohm / 8ohm. Mini-größe und elegantes design. Net gewicht: 105g. Package gewicht: 04kg mit netzteil. Aux 3, tv, 5 mm eingangsbuchse und bluetooth 5. 0 + edr, bis zu 45 fuß reichweite im offenen raum. Produkt-maße: 3. 15 × 2. 09 × 087 zoll. Paket umfassen: 1 × ns-10g verstärker, 1 × usb-kabel, 1 × rca-kabel, 1 × Netzteil, 1 × 3, 5 mm Audio-Kabel, 1 × Englisch Handbuch.

Bluetooth audio receiver und stereo Power Amplifier2-In-1, Stream Musik von Ihrem Handy zu Ihren Lautsprechern drahtlos. Ns-10g amp ist die aufgerüstete version von ns-01g. With verbesserungen wie unten: 1. Replaced die tpa3110 chips mit besseren TPA3116 Chips, macht es leistungsfähiger.
Höhe5 cm (1.97 Zoll)
Länge15 cm (5.91 Zoll)
Gewicht0.3 kg (0.66 Pfund)
Breite15 cm (5.91 Zoll)

10. Nobsound

Nobsound Mini HiFi MM Phono-Vorverstärker RIAA Preamp Plattenspieler Turntable Amplifier

Nobsound - Mini size with attractive appearance, power switch with red indicator makes it fashionable, metal aluminum case can prevent vibrations and electromagnetic interference, very suitable for home and desktop audio system use.

It is only a preamp, which needs to be used with amplifiers or active speakers. T3 phono preamp is designed for home mmmoving magnet turntable record players to convert phono signals to line level signals. Adopting pure copper gnd and gold-plated rCA terminals, low-noise integrated circuits and high quality components to remove low frequency noise and ensure clear sound quality, bringing HiFi listening experience. With volume control, higher amplification times can make best use of your record player performance.